Egg Shaped Sensory Cushions

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Egg Shaped Sensory Cushions

The different textures of the Egg Shaped Sensory Cushions are ideal for tactile experiences. Carefully created to meet the needs of children who thrive with the support of sensory-friendly designs. You can use the cushions to help create calming cosy corners and engaging play areas within a sensory learning environment.


Learning aims include:

  • Encourages learning about life cycles and nature
  • Soft to touch cushions help to comfort and create a calming environment
  • Can be used as an immersive part of multiple learning experiences


Product specifications:

  • L29cm x W9cm each
  • A range of patterns and vibrant colours


Delivery time: 7 to 14 days

Product code (6 pack): EDN01012

Product code (12 pack): EDN01013