Jellyfish Memory - Set 1

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Jellyfish Memory Set

The Jellyfish are a set of stepping stones of soft transparent artificial rubber. These Jellyfish appeal to children of all ages and are used for various motor activities, such as walking or jumping from one to the next. They are even safe for small children as they are soft and only 25mm high.


Sea creature inserts for imaginative games

This set includes 12 inserts with sea animals. Each animal appears on two inserts, inviting the children to engage in matching (pictures visible) or memory (pictures hidden) games.


Create your own inserts for more fun!

Each set of Jellyfish comes with both pre-printed and blank inserts, allowing you to create your own pictures.


Easy to use with multiple play options

Fitting the star-shaped plastic inserts into the Jellyfish offers a unique cognitive activity and allows a wide range of play and educational possibilities. They can be easily inserted or removed from the bottom of the Jellyfish and can be placed with the image face up or face down, depending on the activity.


See the Jellyfish Memory Set being used!


Product specifications:

  • Dimensions - H25mm
  • Set of 12 Jellyfish, 12 inserts with sea-animals (2×6 pictures) and 12 blank inserts


Delivery time: 7 to 14 days

Product code: PR01071