Toddler Playset - Tunnel (Set of 6)

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Create your own balance and co-ordination course with different gradients and paths using our unique Toddler Playset components. Use in any number of combinations to create an adventurous and stimulating play area for young children.


Use individually or as a set

Elements can be used as part of a set (connectors included) or individually. There are 14 elements in the complete set, or you could simply make your own set with your choice of individual elements.


Develops motor skills

Toddler Playset encourages body awareness and movement competence as children develop the ability to move with control, precision and clarity.


Product specifications:

  • Full dimensions - H570 x W3270mm
  • Manufactured from a combination of polywood and PVC leather and foam (polywood is a tough wood like material made from recycled plastic)
  • Set of 6 Toddler Playset


Age: 3 years+

Delivery time: 7 to 14 days

Product code: PR01027