TickiT Large Ball Sensory Mood Light

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TickiT Sensory Mood Light

These magical mood lights make a great addition to any playroom. They are ultra-strong, can be placed around a room or used in a sensory den to provide gentle background lighting. They come in many different shapes, including; pebble, pyramid, egg, ball, cube and table.


Creates a calming environment for your child

Each light comes with a remote control which you can use to choose one of 16 different colours. You can even set them to fade smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades, from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. They really do add that extra touch of magic to any den or playroom!


    See the Mood Lights in use!


    Supports the following areas of learning:

    • Personal Development - sensory
    • Personal Development - collaborative play
    • Understanding the World - light & colour
    • Enabling Environment - practical resources



    Teach Early Years Award 2018  


    Product Specifications:

    • Charging via safe, low voltage 5V DC unit supplied
    • 8-hour charge cycle
    • Can be used inside or outside
    • Provides an average of 5-10 hours of light (depending on program setting)
    • A+ energy rating
    • Water resistant rated IP65
    • Load tested up to 80Kg
    • Includes information sheet
    • Diameter 400mm

    Age: Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.