TickiT Sensory Jumbo Ooze Tube

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TickiT Sensory Jumbo Ooze Tube

The highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid sets contain colourful mineral oil and water in a range of designs. When turned upside down, they provide a variety of ways for the droplets or coloured liquid to fall or rise.


Inspire Curiosity & Quiet Focus

The sets will captivate and fascinate and are an ideal resource for quiet focus, as well as inspiring curiosity, developing creative language and understanding simple scientific principles.


Perfect for Sensory Areas

A single large sensory liquid cylinder with thick pink gloopy jelly that oozes and spirals to the bottom. Made from durable polycarbonate.



  • VISUALLY FASCINATING -- Our TickiT Sensory Jumbo Ooze Tube is a mesmerising sensory experience for your child.
  • OOZE TUBE -- A crystal clear tube containing gloopy non-toxic pink liquid jelly that oozes and trickles as it spirals to reform in the bottom of the tube.
  • CREATE A SENSORY CORNER -- Combine these sensory liquid sets with other tactile, aural, visual and olfactory stimulants to help children understand the world around them
  • DEVELOP SKILLS -- Great for developing language skills as you discuss with your child the movement of the jelly and for understanding simple scientific principles.
  • MEASURES -- 20cm x 8cm diameter
  • SUITABLE -- Suitable for children over 3 years
  • INFO --- The liquid used to create this set is made from: Polyisobutene (CAS 9003-27-4), Food colouring.

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches