BazZoo Minibeast Corner


BazZoo Minibeast Corner

Expand children’s horizons as well as their minds with the award winning BazZoo® Collection. Use the resources to create a variety of themed environments to explore different habitats and types of animals that live there.

This soft and interactive collection is ideal for promoting inclusive learning. The lightweight designs are easy to move between classroom, sensory room and outdoor areas. Children of all abilities will enjoy learning with these versatile, cross-curricular wildlife themed resources. 

The versatile folding mat features a popular rainbow on one side with a daisy theme print on the reverse side. This allows the mat to be used in many more themed lessons.


Learning aims include:

  • Encourages discussion on caterpillars and lifecycles
  • Perfect for reading corners and circles
  • Modular design can be arranged into multiple shapes, including a flower
  • Perfect base for encouraging imaginative play


Product specifications (Caterpillar):

  • Dimensions: H20cm x Dia38cm (per segment)
  • Features high definition, dye sublimation printed caterpillar
  • Stackable for easy and compact storage
  • Can sit multiple children on six individual segments


Product specifications (Nature Multi-way Floor Mat):

    • Dimensions: H3cm x Dia124cm
    • Foam filled for optimum comfort and durability
    • Can be used flat or transformed into a corner seat
    • Folds away for easy transportation and storage
    • Each mat can sit multiple children
    • Items and colours: 1 x Catapillar, 1 x Rainbow/Daisy reversable mat
    • Suitable for Under 3’s


    Delivery time: 7 to 14 days

    Product code: EDN01026