Apollo Creative LED Passive Bubble Tube

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LED Passive Bubble Tube

The Passive Bubble Tube is ideal for a simple, easy to set up Bubble Tube. It is one of the most eye-catching pieces of sensory equipment and is essential in any sensory room.


Multiple sensory features

It is perfect for stimulating the user as it cycles through various colours such as red, green, blue and more! The ever-changing lights produce a very calming effect and can teach colour recognition as part of sensory classes.

As well as colour changing it also provides a light vibration that will stimulate touch senses. You can even adjust the airflow directly from the pump to control the bubble effect. A strong air flow will create many bubbles and more vibration.


Safe & secure

The Passive Bubble Tube can be attached using a secure wall bracket or built into a soft plinth for a perfect sensory room feature.


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Product specifications:
  • Input Voltage: 12VAC
  • Power Consumption: 36W
  • Power Connector: 2.1mm jack
  • Ambient Temperature: 40°C maximum
  • Standard Lighting Colours: red, green, blue, yellow or white
  • Available tube lengths: 1m, 1.5m or 2m
  • Available tube width: 150mm or 200mm
  • Dimensions: Height 160mm + tube height, width 380mm, depth 380mm
  • Weight: 5kg approx. (without water)


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